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Monday, September 18, 2006
Random Decorating Idea

In the lobby of our office, there's a TV showing a promotional video on an endless loop.

It struck me: it'd be hilarious to change that video to girls jumping on trampolines?

Now there's a video I'd watch endlessly.

Posted 10:25 PM by Tony

While I've Been Out

I've been on vacation, and so missed noticing South Korean President Roh Moo Hyun visit to San Francisco (see also here. I find myself skeptical, to say the least, of his national security strategy secretary's characterization of the US-ROK alliance as "upgraded."

Pardon me while I go have myself a good laugh.

For those of you who follow Korea issues, feel free to take a powder... for those of you who want to read up on US-ROK relations, feel free to browse through the Marmot's coverage, the Korea Liberator, or US in Korea.

I think the NY Times (for once) has it right in characterizing the alliance as undergoing "enormous strains" (via the Korea Liberator):

In past meetings, Mr. Bush has done his best to paper over the differences. But his aides acknowledge that the gap has grown so much in recent months — “as wide as the Sea of Japan” one senior official said Wednesday — that it will be almost impossible to hide.*

Mr. Roh will receive treatment that contrasts sharply with the warm embrace extended in June to Japan’s prime minister, Junichiro Koizumi. Mr. Koizumi got long meetings, a glittering dinner and a trip to Graceland; Mr. Roh, leader of the other major United States ally in Asia, is getting an hour in the Oval Office and a quick lunch.

Roh, and for that matter, his Uri(nal) Party Teletubbies, rode to power, in not insubstantial part, by riding a wave of anti-Americanism, occasioned by the accidental death of two Korean school girls**, and manifested, among other ways, by signs like this (see also these stories from Time and the Economist from 2003). Roh didn't help things during his campaign run by asking, "What's wrong with anti-Americanism?"

His administration hasn't done much for relations, as demonstrated by, among other things, its selection of Unification Ministers (follow the links therein), and its current attempts to slide in goods made in North Korea in a Free Trade Agreement (and prior to that, the Wassenaar Arrangement). There's too much in the last few years to put in here, but suffice to say that there's plenty of fodder for a cooling of US-ROK relations, aside from the nuclear issue.

"Upgraded"? Compared to what?
* In view of the East Sea/Sea of Japan brouhaha, the invocation of "Sea of Japan" is cause for added hilarity.

** The reaction to this has occasioned some (in my opinion) justifiable cynicism, when viewed in contrast to the reaction to the near-contemporaneous deaths of South Korean sailors in a gunfight with the North Korean navy.

Posted 6:40 AM by Tony

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