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Tuesday, April 25, 2006
"For the rest of my life, I don't care what other Korean people say."

I have to say, I can identify with that sentiment, though perhaps the situation is a bit different. From the Dothan Eagle (via the Marmot):

Shon Park's life was a sacrifice. Her feet swelled while she worked 12-hour days to send her siblings to college. Her heart ached when she left a man she loved because her family didn't approve. Her soul withered after marrying a man she'd never met - to honor her father.

Then her mother died.

"Before she died she told me, 'Shon, you have to stop living this life,'" said Shon, 44. "I promised my mom I'm not going to live my life like that anymore…I think about her life and she lived for everybody else."

At 37 years old, Shon set out to reclaim her life - and the man she walked away from more than 25 years ago.

[ . . . ]

Seven years ago, Shon's mother died of cancer. After more than 30 years of marriage, her father married again within two months.

It was in his reaction to her death that Shon realized the value of true love.

"I realized America is much more free than Korea," Shon said. "For the rest of my life, I don't care what other Korean people say."

Check out the whole story.

Posted 6:24 PM by Tony

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Generally, emotional reactions to reminders of past events diminish over time.

Call this one the exception - I find all my past rage just coming back (via SF Chronicle):

In the final minutes of doomed United Air Lines Flight 93, on Sept. 11, 2001, hijackers try to shake off passengers clamoring for control of the plane over Pennsylvania. Amid groans and sounds of a struggle, a voice says, "I am injured." A hijacker asks, "Shall we finish it off?"

Moments later, the plane hurtles out of control to the ground, according to a cockpit voice recording played for a jury on Wednesday by federal prosecutors seeking the execution of Zacarias Moussaoui.

[ . . . ]

Defense lawyers have already said they think the jury should spare Moussaoui's life because of his limited role in the attacks, evidence that he is mentally ill and because his execution would only play into his dream of martyrdom.

Transcript at Findlaw (PDF) - some excerpts:

09:57:55 - [Arabic: Is there something?]
09:57:57 - [Arabic: A fight?]
09:57:59 - [Arabic: Yeah?]
[ . . . ]
09:58:57 - [Arabic: They want to get in there. Hold, hold from the inside. Hold from the inside. Hold.]
[ . . . ]
09:59:17 - [Arabic: What?]
09:59:18 - [Arabic: There are some guys. All those guys.]
09:59:20 - Let's get them.
[ . . . ]
10:00:06 - [Arabic: There is nothing.]
10:00:07 - [Arabic: Is that it? Shall we finish it off?]
10:00:09 - [Arabic: When they all come, we finish it off.]
[ . . . ]
10:00:25 - In the cockpit. If we don't we'll die.
[ . . . ]
10:00:18 - [Arabic: Cut off the oxygen. Cut off the oxygen. Cut off the oxygen.]
[ . . . ]
10:03:02 - [Arabic: Allah is the Greatest.]
10:03:03 - [Arabic: Allah is the Greatest.]
10:03:04 - [Arabic: Allah is the Greatest.]
10:03:06 - [Arabic: Allah is the Greatest.]
10:03:06 - [Arabic: Allah is the Greatest.]
10:03:07 - No.
10:03:09 - [Arabic: Allah is the Greatest. Allah is the Greatest.]
10:03:09 - [Arabic: Allah is the Greatest. Allah is the Greatest.]
[end transcript]

Fine. If execution plays into his dreams of martyrdom, let's shove a slab of bacon in his mouth, seal it shut, and hang him by the neck until dead. Sure, it's a little savage of me, but there's such a thing about being over-civilized in the face of stuff like this.

Posted 5:56 PM by Tony

Link For The Day

Jeez, this is hilarious (found via Legal Reader; see this too):

Posted 4:22 PM by Tony

Saturday, April 08, 2006
Someone Needs To Retake Ethics

You know, it seems that, like other professionals, journalists should have to take continuing education requirements. The need for at least continuing ethics education is higlighted by Dateline NBC. First, the show gets caught trying to troll for anti-Muslim sentiment (apparently unsuccessfully) at NASCAR. (And we'll just set aside the stereotyped thinking about NASCAR fans.) Now, there's this (WaPo, also SF Chronicle):

The NBC newsmagazine "Dateline" agreed to pay a civilian watchdog group more than $100,000 to create a pedophile sting operation that the network plans to feature in a series of programs next month, network representatives and the organization's founder said. As part of the sting, the network also went along with police officials' deputizing of the group's members, in effect turning "Dateline's" made-for-TV operation into a law-enforcement action. The segments, taped last month in Ohio, have prompted news media observers and others to question NBC's methods and criticize its practices.

[ . . . ]

NBC sources said Perverted Justice received compensation in the low six figures for its role in the Ohio sting. The group's founder, Xavier Von Erck, did not dispute that description but declined to provide specifics.

[ . . . ]

Von Erck said his group's members have helped identify hundreds of alleged pedophiles through Internet stings. The group, which began in 2002, also claims to have provided police with information that led to 100 arrests and 50 convictions in 25 states. "We turn up great evidence that stands up in court," he said.

But that claim is disputed by the group Corrupted Justice, whose mission includes counteracting the work of Perverted Justice, and is based near Ottawa. A spokesman for Corrupted Justice said much of Perverted Justice's efforts are counterproductive because most of the people it exposes suffer no legal consequence and remain free to prey on children. Perverted Justice's members also have mistakenly identified and harassed innocent people but are not held accountable because they operate anonymously, typically using computer screen names, Corrupted Justice spokesman Scott Morrow said.

"The fact is, these people are amateurs," Morrow said. "They're volunteers, with no official training, no training in law enforcement, no training in the rules of evidence, no idea about maintaining evidence so it can be used in court. They shop this stuff around, and most of the time local law enforcement tells them, 'We can't use it.' "

Morrow said NBC's involvement with Perverted Justice is particularly troubling: "They're manufacturing the news, rather than just reporting it. They're not only working with untrained, anonymous vigilantes, but now they're paying them, too." He said NBC could do stories on what police departments and the FBI are doing to hunt down pedophiles without resorting to "questionable" tactics.

One would think they'd be a bit more careful after the faked crash tests. Ah well. Here we go again, indeed.

Posted 11:09 PM by Tony

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